飄移 | Piao Yi | Drifting
("Initial D" Movie Theme Song)

Qu: Zhou Jie Lun
Music: Jay Chou

詞: 方文山
Ci: Fan Wen Shang
Lyrics: Vincent Fang

Translation: sesamestreet & retrobaby - www.jay-chou.net

Chapman To (Itsuki Takeuchi): 好簡單,這是飄移甘!
(Cantonese: Very easythat is drifting!)

(Cantonese: How to drift?)

(Cantonese: Once you turn into a corner, pull the handbrake then the car should shake a bit.)

(Cantonese: Then how will it look?)

(Cantonese: Cool!)

找支筆寫下日記 紀錄勇氣
zhao zhi bi xie xia ri ji ji lu yong qi
Pick up my pen to write my diary recording my courageousness

我可以對著牆壁 讓拳頭判逆
wo ke yi dui zhe qiang bi rang quan tou pan ni
I can make my fist rebellious to the wall

呼吸 天窗玻璃 打開我的身體
hu xi tian chuang bo li da kai wo de shen ti
Breathe through the glass window, open up my body

這裡 引擎聲就像是一種樂器
zhe li yin qin sheng jiu xiang shi yi zhong yue qi
The engine here is like some kind of instrument

所以 風呼嘯而過刺激
suo yi feng hu xiao er guo ci ji
ThereforeThe wind is howling and over-invigorating

所以 我在轉彎飄移
suo yi wo zai zhuan wan piao yi
ThereforeI'm drifting around the corner

加足了馬力 飄到底 看仔細
jia zu le ma li piao dao di kan zi xi
Add enough horsepower, drift all the way

零到一百公里 誰敢與我為敵
ling dao yi bai gong li shui gan yu wo wei di
Looking carefully from 0 to 100km, who is game enough to be my enemy?

我用第一人稱 在飄移青春
wo yong di yi ren cheng zai piao yi qing chun
I'm using the first person, the youth is drifting away

輸跟贏的分吋 計算的很精準
shu gen ying de fen cun ji suan de hen jing zun
Losing and winning is calculated very precisely

我踏上風火輪 在飄移青春
wo ta shang feng huo lun zai piao yi qing chun
I ride on a wind streamer, the youth is drifting away

故事中的我們 在演自己的人生**
gu shi zhong de wo men zai yan zi ji de ren sheng
In the story, we are acting out our own lives

Edison Chen (Ryosuke Takahashi): 如果你跑贏曬群馬山路上所有車手,我就同你走翻轉囉
(Cantonese: If you can beat all the racers on Qwan Ma Shan, then I will compete against you.)

Shawn Yue (Takeshi Nakazato): 山路?
(Cantonese: The mountain track?)

Edison Chen (Ryosuke Takahashi): 是下山,從明天開始,你由南方開始,我由北方開始,和不同山路的車手比,看誰贏的比較多,好不 好?
(Cantonese: Going downhill. From tomorrow onwards, you start from the south direction, I will begin from the north where we both will compete with different mountain racers. Lets see who wins the most, is that alright?)

勝敗的對比 是殘酷的可以
sheng bai de dui bi shi can ku de ke yi
The contrast between winning and losing can be cruel

運氣 從來就不在我這裹
yun qi cong lai jiu bu zai wo zhe li
Luck has never been on my side

實力没辦法模擬 飄移 人車一體 飄移
shi li mei ban fa mo ni piao yi ren che yi ti piao yi
Abilities can never be imitateddriftingcar and driver becomes onedrifting

笑看後視鏡的自己 啊
xiao kan hou shi jing de zi ji ah
Laughing at myself in the rear view mirror, oh

點火 繼續 事關 榮譽
dian huo ji xu shi guan rong yu
Light the fire and continue because it has to do with pride

我除了第一 其他没有興趣
wo chu le di yi qi ta mei you xing qu
Other than being first, I'm not interested in the others

得飄 得飄 得咿的飄 我安靜的喝飲料 輕鬆的笑
der piao~der piao~der yi de piao~wo an jing de he yin liao qing song de xiao
Drifting~drifting~drifting~ I drink beverage quickly and relaxingly smile


得飄 得意飄 得咿的飄 我繞過山腰 雨聲敲敲
der piao~der piao~der yi de piao~wo rao guo shan yao yu sheng qiao qiao
Drifting~drifting~drifting~ I circle the mountainside with the rain knocking loudly

得飄 得意飄 得咿的飄 在開進隧道 風聲瀟瀟
der piao~der piao~der yi de piao~zai kai jin sui dao feng sheng xiao xiao
Drifting~drifting~drifting~ Advance though the tunnel, the wind making a mournful sound


This was the theme song for the Hong Kong movie, "Initial D" that was based on a Japanese comic and was filmed in Japan.




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