Chinese Songs - Lyric - MV - Wo zhi zai hu ni - Teresa Teng (Deng Li Jun)

(我只在乎你 - Wo zhi zai hu ni- I Only Care About You)








(Wo zhi zai hu ni- I Only Care About You)

ru guo mei you yu jian ni
wo jiang hui shi zai na li
ri zi guo de ze me yang
ren shen shi fou
ye xi ren shi mou yi ge ren
guo zhe ping fan de ri zi
bu zhi dao hui bu hui
ye you ai qing tian ru mi

ren shi guang zong zong liu qu
wo zhi zai hu ni
xin gan qing yuan gan ran ni de qi xi
ren shen ji he neng gou de dao zhi ji
shī  qu shen ming de li liang ye bu ke xi
suo yi wo qiu qiu ni
bei rang wo li kai ni
chu le ni, wo bu neng gan xie
yi xi xi qing yi

verse 1 repeats
verse 2 repeats






Dedicated to In Memory of CM Goh.
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