This is a slideshow of the photographs I took on the trip to Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort on Moreton Island off Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  These photos were taken early October 2008.  Can't quite fit all the photos in one slideshow, so I have to break them up into 3 slideshows. 

This is the third slideshow of my trip to Tangalooma. This slideshow will include some photographs of beautiful sunset and some wild dolphins getting ready to be hand-fed.  Unfortunately, there is no music accompaniment to this slideshow.

The first slideshow includes the photos I took on the whale-watching cruise as well, so look out! (http://itsmelove.exteen.com/20090130/slideshow-tangalooma-wild-dolphin-resort-australia-whale-wat)  If you don't want to get wet, keep clear of the railing as the whales will be making the splashes! 
This second slideshow is accompanied by the song entitled "This Kiss" performed by Faith Hill. The weblink to the secondslideshow is: http://itsmelove.exteen.com/20090228/slideshow-tangalooma-wild-dolphin-resort-australia-day-2  Hope you enjoy the slideshows.
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