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 Chinese Songs – Lyric – MV – YouTube – Jay Chou – Ni Ting De Dao (You Can Hear It)

周杰伦 - 叶惠美 - 你听得 


Jay Chou - You Can Hear It (Ni Ting De Dao) – Karaoke and English Subtitled 


This is another love song in the album - Ye Hui Mei.  The author of the Mandarin Chinese Pop Music web log (http://www.mandarin-chinese-pop-music.com/jay-chou-ni-ting-de-dao.html ) made an interesting note about this particular music video: 

Jay Chou Ni Ting De Dao (你听得到) is from Jay's Album Ye Hui Mei (叶惠美).

What's interesting about this song is its MTV. The song and the lyric itself are very simple yet nice and easy to remember. A lot of people are confused about the storyline of its MTV.

The storyline of the MTV goes like this: Jay and his girlfriend got into a fight while they were travelling. As Jay threw his phone on the floor he accidentally brought out a mysterious girl - K. K's job was delivering message in the cyber space. K was going to help Jay to get back to his girlfriend; however they started to fall in love with each other.

Their love wasn't allowed. K disappeared after saying goodbye to Jay and Jay has never seen K again. As time goes on, Jay found a girl who looked like K while shopping.



Lyric with English Subtitle: http://www.mandarin-chinese-pop-music.com/jay-chou-ni-ting-de-dao.html




For those who are interested in Thai subtitle of this song.  Here it is from this web

blog: http://ktleedovers.multiply.com/video/item/4/Jay_Chou_-_You_Can_Hear_It_Ni_Ting_De_Dao_Subd เพลงน่ารักๆของอาต้ง

จากอัลบัม Ye hui mei 叶惠美

ชอบ MV ตัวนี้มากมาย มีหลากหลายอารมณ์เหลือเกิน ทั้งน่ารัก เศร้า ประหลาดใจ มีความสุข LYRIC: http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/4311/nitingdedao1xp1.jpg








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